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As a business owner you CAN’T be all things for your business. It would be fantastic if we could, however, you just can’t, you would run yourself ragged trying. BUT … that doesn’t mean you throw your hands up in despair and give up ;o)

Empower Yourself  and Your Business with an Online Business Manager

Our passion is systems, processes, policies, procedures, programs and operational performance!

MustangOBM Online Business ManagerWhat does this mean for you?

Benefit #1   Organization & Structure

Benefit #2   Management & Delegation

Benefit #3   Strategy & Implementation Support

Benefit #1 Organization & Structure

Systems, processes, policies, procedures, organization and structure to you and your team. 

An Online Business Manager is not the same as a virtual assistant. Your Online Business Manager is your right hand go to person for managing your business operations.

  • Design and implement systems and processes that contribute to the efficiency of your business in order for it to flourish an prosper.
  • Streamline business administration and implement automated solutions.
  • Create and maintain a Standard Operating & Procedures (SOP) Manual that facilitates training and increases your business value.
  • Create and maintain communication plan with all team members.
  • Establish decision-making guidelines for team members

Your business will be organized for success.

Benefit #2  Manage & Delegate

Operation Management, Project and Team Management  – taking your team to a whole new level. Your Online Business Manager focus is keep everything on track and moving forward.

Your Online Business Manager will round-up team members daily, weekly, or as needed to ensure that your business operations are running in Peak Performance.

Your Online Business Manager will also delegate and manage  projects to ensure that your vision is being delivered clearly, successfully, and in ways to increase your revenue and reduce your operational costs.

  • Setup and maintain an online project management system.
  • Manage the budgets and expenses for projects, day-to-day operations and your team.
  • Identify project needs and delegate to appropriate team member.
  • Keep your team motivated and handle challenges as needed.
  • Manage the production and completion of revenue streams including: Books & workbooks, Multimedia products, Membership programs
  • Manage and implement any applicable tools or software for different revenue streams (i.e.: setting up a membership site using WordPress, Wishlist Member, Infusionsoft, Optimize Press, etc.).
  • Review revenue streams on a regular basis to look for outdated information or opportunities to refresh/relaunch.
  • Manage Virtual  & Live events (i.e.: virtual tours, webinars, livestreams, speaking engagements, VIP days, etc.).

Benefit #3  Strategy & Implementation

Business planning, marketing planning, project development, metrics, business growth, implementing your goals and vision.

As Your Certified Online Business Manager it is Patricia’s responsibility to free up entrepreneurs allowing you to focus on growing your business, generating strategic alliances, creating products and serving clients.

  • Review of the key systems needed to run your business, including: customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up and delivery processes.
  • Implementation of automated business tools & software to manage various systems.
  • Implement a reporting system that includes what to track and when.
  • Track key statistics for your business on a weekly & monthly basis.
  • Analyze metrics and discuss trends and patterns.
  • Build and maintain relationships – not only with prospects and clients, but with vendors and colleagues as well.
  • Ensure an effective backup system is in place for all information.

Your Online Business Manager will organize  and delegate tasks to the team members.

Your Online Business Manager is your gate-keeper and we will keep you on point!

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